Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Back!

To the members of The Toronto Digital Photography Club, this will not be the site (blog) for the online evaluation group. Those first 10 members who sign up will get the site location. I have licked my health problems and hope to be back to most of my previous activities very soon!

Max at Withrow Dog Park, full run!

Just to get things rolling, I had our dog out chasing the ball at a dog park. My intention was to capture a subject in motion. A dog running full speed at me was a challenge. My Nikon D300 was up to the challenge! While I captured about 20 images, I liked the position of his front paws and ears in this one the best.

For me, the critial camera settings were continuos autofocus, a high shutter speed (1/500th) @ 400 ISO, and AF-C Priority set to 'Focus'. I only use 11 focus points, which can be moved around to the location I want.

I challenge you all to try subjects in motion. It's very satisfying when they come out as hoped!

Next post will deal with flying birds.

Good Shooting!