Monday, February 1, 2010

Freeman Patterson Presentation - January 30, 2010

Last Saturday night Freeman Paterson gave one of the more moving and emotional presentations I have ever seen. It certainly hit me where I live, in the heart. On Sunday morning he also addressed the congregation who invited him to Toronto, the Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

On Saturday he showed two amazing audio visual shows. The first was an abstract theme using images taken of a wine glass holding water, with the sun hitting it, creating wonderful refractions and reflections. Also in the show were coloured lights as seen through cut glass. When asked where was the best place to take pictures, he replied "wherever you are". We often wish we could travel to Africa or Australia or South America. While it is true we see now places more closely becuase they are new, we could also learn to see our own area with new eyes and new ideas.

The second show was based around some southern US cemeteries, like the one in Savannah, Georgia. But the shows were not dark, but actually quite beautiful.  

His message at the service on Sunday related to the discovery and admiration of all the beauty found in the world. I have always held that beauty is to be aspired to and that there is nothing wrong with beauty. I think beauty, as in a special sunset, a flower, or a loving smile on a child's face, touches most of us very deeply. There is a sense of joy and uplifting when we experience these special moments that we call beautiful. Why does a rainbow seem so joyful, even playful? I thank Freeman for sharing this message.

It was a great presentation, and thanks Freeman, yet again!

Look with new eyes and be the change you wish to see in the world.
Thanks for listening (reading)!


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  1. Robert, that quail photo is awesome! Where did you shoot it?