Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Dear friends and fellow photographers!

This is my first entry of my blog, but certainly will not be my last. Do bear with me until the dust settles and we all get down to dealing with things of interest and I actually finish adding the content to my website.

I have been a photographic judge going on 20 years and I have seen the same issue every time I judge. My people have good 'seeing' ability yet they ignore the most fundamental aspect of photography: light. Many good subjects are chosen, but rarely does the maker take the time to get the best light for the subject.

This is not because they are in a hurry, but more often that they have an idea in their mind that isn't actaully in front of them. Let's all work on seeing light, understanding light and getting to the point of actually using light to create great images. It really is easier than you think. It also makes your images more enjoyable to capture and view later.

from left to right: Paul Hamel, Tanya Zakrison, Kate Kent, Kieran Hamel, Michelle Zakrison and Danielle Zakrison

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